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Seasons of the Leelanau
Sandra Serra Bradshaw

Front Page "Seasons"    
1. The Essence of Leelanau
     2. A Town-by-Town Guide in History
     3. The Native Americans
     4. Leelanau Lodging
     5. Dining, Leelanau-Style
     6. Gift Shops and Galleries
     7. Fruit of the Leelanau
     8. Seasons of the Maritime
     9. The Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore
   10. Fishing and Boating the Seasons of the Leelanau
   11. Seasons of Recreation
   12. Seasonal Reflections and Promises

Sandra Serra BradshawWritten by longtime, year long resident, Sandra Bradshaw, Seasons of the Leelanau provides both visitors and residents alike with an up-to-date travel guidebook - including the new street names and new street numbers - for Leelanau County. While evoking the charm, history, and beauty of this area, the author provides specific information, telephone numbers, directions and maps to reach various charming towns, unique shops, orchards, wineries, beaches, lighthouses, shipwrecks, boating and fishing sites, and all other possible destinations in Leelanau County.

Anyone visiting northwest Michigan - and its beautiful Leelanau Peninsula - will find this book an essential traveling companion.


    All 16,500-plus of us who live here know how special Leelanau County is. As an occasional writer about my county, I hear many of our visitors tell us how special they find it to be. Gov. William G. Milliken spoke of its "splendor." Gov. James J. Blanchard called it "Paradise." Gov. John Engler said its Sleeping Bear Dunes form part of a tapestry that makes "Michigan's shoreline the most beautiful in all the states."
    Leelanau was named in 1840 by ethnologist Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, a federal Indian agent whose extensive writings on the history and conditions of native Americans were an important inspirational source of legends for Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's lyric epic, The Song of Hiawatha. Schoolcraft said Leelinau, as it was originally spelled, meant "delight of life," as he chronicled in the Legend of Leelinau about an Indian maiden attracted to her sylvan land of delight. From this comes the county's modern-day slogan: "Land of Delight."
    This land of delight is also a land of creativity. Artists abound in Leelanau. So do authors. Sandra Serra Bradshaw, creator of this book, is one of the newest. She provides a delightful mix of fact and fancy--a poetic guide book through the seasons, sights, and shops of Leelanau.
    Just as the shimmering whiteness of Leelanau's Sleeping Bear Dunes was a beacon to those who first traveled by water, it was a landmark for the first space travelers. US astronaut Jack Lousma, who climbed the dunes as a boy growing up in Michigan and viewed them from 200 and 275 miles away in two space missions, told me: "Sleeping Bear really stands out from space."
    From ground zero, the whole county stands out. Sandy Bradshaw helps us find our way.

Foreword by George Weeks
The Detroit News
Sleeping Bear: Its Lore, Legends, and First People and Sleeping Bear: Yesterday and Today


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